Concrete Ready-Mix

Since its founding in 2006, Machado Concrete Ready-Mix has earned a reputation for reliability. We’ve built our reputation by forming solid relationships with the contractors we work with. By consistently delivering quality concrete on time and on budget, we’ve earned the trust of contractors throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area. Machado Concrete Ready-Mix is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). If there’s a way for us to make your project more cost-effective, you can count on us to do what we can to deliver what you need.

We’re more than just concrete delivery. We supply a full range of other concrete products, including various admixtures and concrete blocks. Beyond our concrete supply division, we also have our construction, aggregate, recycling, and trucking and hauling divisions that allow us to partner with you on a project from start to finish.

Commercial Concrete Supply

Commercial contractors all over the greater Baltimore metropolitan area rely on Machado Concrete Ready-Mix for reliable service, competitive pricing, and a quality product. From major industrial projects to sidewalks and parking lots Machado Concrete Ready-Mix supplies commercial projects of all types.

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Maryland State Approved Concrete Supply

For projects that require Maryland State Approved Concrete supply, we have extensive experience and the approved mixes to supply jobs of any size, including bridges, bridge footers, caissons, bridge decks, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters.

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Baltimore City Approved Concrete Supply

Machado offers Baltimore City approved concrete mix for a full range of jobs within Baltimore City, such as bridges, bridge footers, caissons, bridge decks, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters.

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Maryland Port Authority Mixes

Working in and around ports and waterfronts often requires mixes that include anti-washout or corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosion from the marine environment. In addition, self-consolidating concrete is sometimes necessary due to difficult locations near the water.

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Maryland Aviation Administration Mixes

Machado Concrete Ready-Mix specializes in providing flexural strength concrete mixes for use in Maryland Aviation Administration projects, such as runways, taxiways, and aprons. The concrete used in the construction of these projects is designed to last as long as possible with minimal maintenance while retaining the strength necessary to withstand loads from extremely heavy commercial and private aircraft.

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Flowable Fill Mixes

Flowable fill mixes consists of a mixture of Portland cement combined with aggregates, water, and sometimes chemical admixtures. This material is ideally suited to certain types of projects, primarily for use as a backfill or structural fill when native soil is not suitable, or as an alternative to compacted fill.

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Other Concrete Products

Machado Concrete Ready-Mix offers a full range of concrete products, from concrete blocks to mixes with improved strength or workability. Offerings include self-consolidating concrete, High Compressive Strength Mixes, Shotcrete, and mixes with corrosion inhibitor.

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Machado Construction Company, Inc. is Certified in Maryland and Baltimore City as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) MBE
Certification #: 88-187

Baltimore City MBE
Certification #: 91-001811  

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